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BXC Holdings



The Korea No.1 Sport Wear Brand, the first shop in Hong Kong is located in Times Square Shopping Mall which is one of the most popular and iconic shopping mall in HK. With our market research, over 30% Hong Kong Young ladies purchased XEXYMIX Products.

E-commerce online platform



Scraping high quality fashion brands all over the world. Simplicity, comfort and style have rolled in one, which aims to filled in customers’ wardrobes with casual, low-key but fashionable items.

Ciomon will heal the body, mind and soul of people with snack boxes full of surprises, share the taste and joy of the new snack box with everyone. The snack box includes Korean delicious healthy food and the latest snacks, which can be selected according to personal needs.

Brand X Concept sells high-quality Korean fashion, beauty products and snacks on the online platform. There are as many as 4,000 products. It has also expanded its business to Korean kimbap grab and go, gradually bringing its diversified development to the international market.

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